The Investigator

February 28th, 2018, 7:00 am

Key Competencies and Characteristics of a Seasoned, Investigator

Written by: Darren Bocksnick

The first line of defense – The role of the Public Safety Background Investigator, is uniquely essential…and increasingly, in-demand. They are often at the forefront and are the first line of defense for helping ensure agencies, like the CIA for example- hire only the most capable, competent candidates in the field. Public Safety Background Investigators are a literal, backbone of the law enforcement industry as a whole.

Some serious skills – These investigative experts typically have a criminal justice background, are detail-oriented, and possess a knack for research. Such, are valuable skill-sets for the seasoned, background investigator to innately possess when conducting a background investigation on an applicant.

The payouts and perks – To those exhibiting such skill-sets, a background-investigator position commands the respect of a higher-than-average, median starting salary. In-demand, Investigators can earn a rewarding salary doing something they’re passionate about, bringing in a generous, yearly salary of $50K + on average, according to a leading job-board site, Indeed.

A few other, positive perks are being able to work both, in the public and private sector, or even branch out on his or her own. Government agencies in all divisions and companies alike have a compounding need for Public Safety Background Investigators… The best part is- they are readily looking to employ vetted candidates for those positions.

The path of the proud – Seasoned investigators are compensated for their time-and-experience-honed craft of good, fact-finding work. The intended, interpretation – it really does pay for the investigator to be good at his or her job. With such a future to be earned and so much, professional fun to be had as a background investigator, it’s a career path worth investigating!

There are certain character-traits and core competencies that many, good investigators seem to share. While their skill-sets are far too many to mention here, these seem to stand out. We’ll label these key competencies and characteristics as their super-hero powers.

Super Hero Power I: Possessing the Strength to Uphold the Standard – “The book” is a higher-standard that governs the actions and defines the character of the background investigator. A good, background investigator upholds this standard, abides by its principles, without exception or compromise. The book, i.e. are the best practices used by investigators’ abroad – and has years of backing and countless members attesting to its merit. The book, just works! Every great, background investigator possesses the strength to uphold this, by-the-book, standard.

Super Hero Power II: They Decode Details at the Quantum-Level – The best background investigators delve into details at an almost, quantum-level. They can quickly shuffle through the “background noise” to find the frequency of truth, ringing true. Details about the investigation and about the applicant can be analyzed and acted upon by seasoned investigators – employing their near, super-hero power of deductive reasoning.

Super Hero Power III: They Can Travel Between Worlds – The ability to travel between “worlds” is a strength that seasoned investigators learn to use. Being able to bridge the world of old-fashioned, feet-on-the-ground, investigative work and the world of technology is a common characteristic of the best investigators in the industry. Bridging and mastering both worlds is essential for success in the background investigations’ industry.

As the demand for qualified officers continues to rise, the need for better tools, techniques, and technologies has equally, trended upwards. These key competencies and characteristics of seasoned investigators are just a few of their superhero-like skills.

What are your superhero-like, investigative skill-sets? What background-investigative strength is your superpower? We will continue to explore the talents of the investigative world’s unsung heroes. Stay screened for more to come!